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Digital Strategy & Communications Consulting


Ready to lift your game by putting theory into immediate action for results?

Liza Horan offers a dynamic coaching style that’s equal parts instruction and consulting, so you can turn sophisticated yet simple concepts into immediate action. Flexible formats include private one-on-one sessions, small group sessions, and half- and full-day interactive workshops for large groups. Coaching is ideal for the business leader, self-employed professional or -manager who sets vision and the road map to execute it. They may handle tactics directly or lead others to fulfill the plan. The result is a strategic, results-oriented plan grounded in practicality and able to flex with changing market conditions.


Looking for a strategic deep-dive with an actionable roadmap?

This is a project-based approach where Liza Horan collaborates with stakeholders to form a plan and then works independently to produce the result. Most often this is a project with a specific output, such as testing a new product proposition, refining an existing product, developing a content strategy, and creating a product innovation culture are common pursuits. Aspects of such projects often include audience research, interactive workshops, and a strategic recommendation. Strategic recommendations for a company’s goal often include a road map that involves people, product and process alignment. Liza can scale any project to any budget.

Clients and employers include

ESPN, the world's largest sports media company


British Standards Institution

British Standards Institution

Informa business intelligence

Informa, business intelligence publisher

Citi bank

Citi, global investment bank

Meet Liza Horan

Media Moxie Founder & Principal Consultant Liza Horan is an award-winning strategic communications leader who switched from print media to digital in 1995, when she launched TENNIS.com for The New York Times Co. Her clients span all sectors, from health, entertainment and sports, to tech, finance, pharma, and more. Today she helps organisations achieve their goals by aligning people, product and processes for performance; coaches business leaders to position themselves for real-life opportunities; and is a trusted guide to teams and organisations who seek to shift their cultures toward collaboration and impact.


Business Strategy Boot Camp: A four-step plan to refining your proposition, understanding the shifting market, and identifying the content and outreach tactics that perform. This is a seven-week live video coaching course, taught since 2012, for business leaders, key managers and self-employed professionals, and senior-level job-seekers who want to raise their visibility authentically for results.
Digital Tranformation & Strategy: Are your people, products, and processes aligned with your business goals? Do you have a digital performance culture? We’ll help you set and execute a road map with quick wins and long-term shifts that get measurable results.
Content Strategy: Your audience is boss. From internal stakeholders to external partners and customers, their needs and preference should be informing how you serve them. Is your message getting through — and getting results? We’ll help you craft the plan that meaningfully engages your audience.
Strategic Communications Coaching: Business leaders wishing to raise their profiles and position themselves for opportunities need a strategic digital footprint and targeted outreach.


Media Moxie has delivered strategic work for British Standards Institution, Informa, Incisive Media, Plexus, Newsquest, The New York Times Co., Reuters, American Express, Gatorade, US Army National Guard, Wilson Sporting Goods, Tennis Industry Association (US & UK), and more. Her clients are both individuals and organisations. Liza regularly shares learnings and her approach to digital transformation, innovation culture, and strategic communications at events. She spoke at DIGIT’s 2019 Digital Leaders Summit in Edinburgh. Previous engagements include The Folio:Show, Internet World, and dozens of sports industry events. Read what Clients say…


Liza is featured in these clips, which are from DataFest (Scotland, 2018), Sports Hack Day for Digital Fan Engagement (London, 2016), and Social Media Workshop (New York, (2014).