Clients say…

Anissa Buckley | CMO of Sifter

“Liza came into my life via a business colleague as I was in the early stages of developing a digital strategy for a startup. Liza was the perfect fit, as she provided direction at a time when everything seemed upside down. Liza starts with vision and strategy and drives it down through a very thought-provoking, yet structured program that resulted in a tactical plan for digital execution. Liza asked the hard questions, then helped move the responses into a viable plan. I cannot say enough positive words about Liza as a coach, mentor, and overall expert in business. She is genius at seeing the direction of a business and then helping the founder step through the options and decisions needed to take it forward.”
LinkedIn | Sifter

David X. Martin | Cyber Risk Management Advisor, Expert Witness & Author

"What a transformation -- from being hidden to joining the social media party. Liza keeps pushing me with excellent ideas. She is terrific! Truly gifted and a great guide"
LinkedIn | David X. Martin LLC

Katie Adams | Life & Wellbeing Coach at Katie Adams Coaching

“Liza, thank you for sharing your knowledge, skills, and insights in a simple and focused way. Your exercises and tips helped me expand my knowledge and get serious about specifics so I could move forward my business. Your person-, values- & heart-centric approach really resonated with me, and I really appreciated your evidence-based, no-nonsense style.”
LinkedIn | Katie Adams Coaching

Jeffrey Gracer | Environmental Partner at Sive, Paget & Riesel

“Liza has a clear, calm and authoritative way of demystifying social media. She helped me to quickly deepen my understanding of how Twitter and LinkedIn work. As a result, I am much more comfortable using social media as a tool for professional engagement. Thank you, Liza!”

Cia Romano | CEO & Founder at Interface Guru

“Liza is an asset to any media team. She brings her personable, sophisticated self to life via digital media. Her collaborative style, combined with substantial experience, makes her an ideal director to build a digital presence that has longevity.”
LinkedIn | Interface Guru

Herb Sweren | Founder & President at Sports InterActive

“I hired Liza to create the appropriate image and marketing strategies to expand Sports InterActive, a B2B web-based sales and marketing company focused on the tennis industry nationwide. Through her efforts and talent, I was successful in growing my customer base and outreach immediately. Liza is a true professional; both in the work she performed and her prompt response time and communication.”

Barbara J. Cooperman | CMO & Board Member

“Liza is a breath of fresh air! Through her journalistic background, she’s a quick study on lots of relevant content possibilities. Through her technology understanding, she knows the limits and the limit-less options for engaging and distributing content. And through her strategy work, she can clearly set goals and guide plans. As you work with Liza, she makes it feel like play…exploration, discovery, implementation…continuously in a virtuous, wondrous cycle of growth! Great fun and great results.”