Media Moxie in the news

Dec. 26, 2014: Joe Connolly’s “Small Business Report” for the Wall Street Journal on WCBS 880AM features Media Moxie. Transcript:
“The owner of Media Moxie digital marketing services in Manhattan says that if you just follow the market you’ll find new opportunities. It really does work. For instance, as Liza Horan consulted companies on using the social media a new market emerged: Teaching the executives of those companies how to use the social media themselves for their own careers. Liza Horan ran the local high school sports social media operation for ESPN. She says big companies that used to go through ad agencies also now have their own editorial departments just like a magazine has. She promotes her business with an excerpt from a lecture she gave at Columbia and by offering a free 30-minute consultation with I’m Joe Connolly for The Wall Street Journal.”

July 9, 2014: Bruce Hurwitz’s “The Voice of Manhattan Business” radio show online features Liza Horan of Media Moxie discussing best practices in audience engagement on social media. Listen to the show.


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