Social Media Strategy

You are who Google say you are. Like it or not.

Social media offers a platform to strategically and authentically present yourself, your capabilities, your interests, and more. It allows you to connect.

Perhaps you're already on social networks, but feel they aren't working for you.

Or perhaps you've avoided social media because you're not sure of the benefit or how to go about it.

Media Moxie can help.

We’ll create a social media strategy that aligns with your goals and resources. We’ll train you on the merits of each social network and how to use them strategically. And we’ll help you build your profiles, content strategy, and connections to turn online interactions to offline meetings. By the end of our unique program you’ll be able to manage social media in just 10 minutes a day.

We offer a variety of training formats: one-on-one coaching, small group training, and workshops for large groups.

  • Job-Seekers: Between roles and want to position yourself as an expert to increase opportunities? We can help you define your personal brand and convey it through LinkedIn, Twitter and other social nets to turn online interactions to offline meetings. Our clients include professionals at all experience levels and career stages.
  • Executives: Our tailored approach draws on each individual’s expertise, reputation and aspirations, plus the company’s visibility and goals, to engage with industry targets. Our clients include C-level executives at private and public companies, and business leaders across many industries.
  • The Social CEO: We offer an exclusive program trusted by business leaders and proven to raise the visibility of you and your business. Learn more about this special program.

Sample Liza Horan’s social media workshop at Columbia University


Client Review

"Liza has a clear, calm and authoritative way of demystifying social media. She helped me to quickly deepen my understanding of how Twitter and LinkedIn work. As a result, I am much more comfortable using social media as a tool for professional engagement. Thank you, Liza!"
- Jeffrey Gracer, Environmental partner at Sive, Paget & Riesel, P.C.

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