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Perhaps Lauree has helped you gain Career Clarity or to SimplyLeap into your next adventure, and you know social media can help you achieve your goals, but aren't sure how to make it work for you.

An active social media profile promises visibility, but without a strategy, those LIKEs and FOLLOWs may amount to little more than a fleeting endorphin hit. Once you thoughtfully align your social media efforts to your personal and professional goals, these tools can work wonders.

Social Media Boot Camp online course

This five-week course is comprised of a weekly class, ranging from 60 to 90 minutes depending on the number of participants, plus an individual follow-up call one month after the course to track efforts and answer questions. The workshop-style class includes homework assignments so you'll make immediate progress.

This course will enable you to:
- showcase your expertise
- strengthen your personal and professional brand
- define your own social media strategy
- create your content plan
- discover how to engage with authenticity
- get meaningful results that support your goals
- learn how to manage social media in 10 minutes a day

The course happens online via live video call. Nothing is previously recorded and every course is personalized.

Previous clients for Liza's Social Media Boot Camp include the president of a major television network, the president of a publishing company, the chief marketing officer of a data intelligence company, a film director, a law firm partner, a major magazine editor-in-chief, and many others. Liza's career switched from print journalism to digital strategy in 1995, when she launched TENNIS.com for The New York Times Co. Her employers and clients range from independent start-ups to public companies like ESPN, Informa, Incisive Media, Newsquest Specialist Media, among others.

Course fee: Regular rate is $999 for the individual course
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“Liza has a clear, calm and authoritative way of demystifying social media. She helped me to quickly deepen my understanding of how Twitter and LinkedIn work. As a result, I am much more comfortable using social media as a tool for professional engagement. Thank you, Liza!”
– Jeffrey Gracer, Environmental partner at Sive, Paget & Riesel, P.C.

“Liza is a breath of fresh air! Through her journalistic background, she’s a quick study on lots of relevant content possibilities. Through her technology understanding, she knows the limits and the limit-less options for engaging and distributing content. And through her strategy work, she can clearly set goals and guide plans. As you work with Liza, she makes it feel like play… exploration, discovery, implementation… continuously in a virtuous, wondrous cycle of growth! Great fun and great results.” – Barbara J. Cooperman, CMO, Kroll