Social Media Boot Camp

Get your social media in gear

Create a social media strategy you can manage in just 10 minutes a day

You are working on something special...perhaps positioning yourself for a new job, elevating your online profile, exploring a new adventure, or expanding an established venture. It's an exciting time -- and the right time to reflect and strategise around how you will action your values and mission across social media to achieve your goals.

Learnings: This course enables you to
– showcase your expertise
– strengthen your personal and professional brand
– define your social media strategy
– create your content plan
– engage with authenticity
– turn online interactions into offline ones
– measure meaningful results
– manage social media in 10 minutes a day

Format: This course is comprised of weekly 60-minute classes that run four weeks for Group courses and five weeks for Private courses; private courses also include a one-on-one follow-up call one month after the last class to track efforts and answer questions. You’ll achieve immediate progress through the workshop-style class and weekly homework assignments on your live social media account(s).

Online courses in the US and UK.
In-person courses in the UK.

Social media workshop by Liza Horan for DrivenWoman in London, November 2017.

Meet your coach, Liza

Liza Horan is a digital strategy and communications consultant who holds a master’s degree in strategic communications from Columbia University in the City of New York. Her career switched from print journalism to digital strategy in 1995, when she launched for The New York Times Co. Her employers and clients range from independent start-ups to public companies like ESPNInformaIncisive Media, and Newsquest Specialist Media, among others. Alumni of her Social Media Boot Camp range from C-level business leaders across media, publishing and law, to creatives like film directors and authors, and job-seekers.

“Liza is a breath of fresh air! Through her journalistic background, she’s a quick study on lots of relevant content possibilities. Through her techn understanding, she knows the limits and the limit-less options for engaging and distributing content. And through her strategy work, she can clearly set goals and guide plans. Great fun and great results.”

Barbara J. Cooperman
Chief Marketing Officer at risk management solutions provider Kroll

"Liza has a clear, calm and authoritative way of demystifying social media. She helped me to quickly deepen my understanding of how Twitter and LinkedIn work. As a result, I am much more comfortable using social media as a tool for professional engagement. Thank you, Liza!"

Jeffrey Archer
Environmental Partner at the law firm of Sive, Paget & Riesel, P.C.

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